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On Petrol and Chlorine

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“Don’t go and play with the kids at the playground. They are ********.”

“We are *********. We don’t mix with those people.”

“Excuse me but I’m *********. I can’t be here!”

How someone looks, as opposed to what someone truly is, seems to be the card that lets them act in accordance with certain cultural idiosyncrasies.

As it turns out, race has nothing to do with blood and everything to do with aesthetic. Yet, rightly so – it’s the same blood across the board, right? But once upon a time there were a bunch of people living in Africa. The sun was hot and their skin got dark. Simple. Race is just the effect, both internal and external, a certain environment has on a certain group of people. There's a reason chinese have slits for eyes. Then our brain, which is very adept at picking up on patterns and grouping them, picks up on these differences so that everybody who looks a certain way is classified as being a certain race. Yet, take the eurasians who doesn't quite look the part and all of the sudden, a wrench has been thrown in the whole system. Holy shit what do we do? How should he act? It just goes to show how race is a blurred line to begin with.

In reality, race doesn't even exist. It cannot be tested for in the lab. And race in its most applicable form is semantics at the very most. In all technically, if more european and chinese came together and had enough children, they could be classified as a race. Not eurasians. Maybe eurochin. Maybe not.

The thing is I just don't agree with the way certain people tend to emphasize on race. What’s there to brag about of your race? Race is not something to be proud of, culture is. Being proud of one's own race is like saying, "hey I look different than you, go me!" And race is not to be confused with culture. Race has nothing to do with culture, they just understandably go together many times. As far as someone representing for his or her own culture, well, then it becomes a matter of how long one wants to perpetuate the imaginary lines that divide the human race for the sake of staying true to his or her own heritage. I'm looking at you, people. Can you please stop accusing people for being loud just because of their colour? Can you please stop looking down on people just because of their race? Can you please stop being so proud of your race?

The world may not be colour blind but it should be. And I don't mean that in some sort of idealistic sense, because I don't like that kind of pansy talk. I mean it in a genetic sense. I've often felt that many times, people are too quick to turn this planet into poetry; applying symbols to things and stopping at that, when reality rigidly unfolds to far greater depths. Yet it’s hard to find words to rhyme with "quantum" and "neutrino". Race is just another example of how people all too often stop digging when confronted by symbolism and appearance. And I know all this sounds like some sort of sec school rant on appearance vs. reality, but you know what… give me back my squeaky voice, give me back my pimples. We're all humans here.

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