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The Long Road

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"Can I wait for so long?
I cannot say
Oh, the precious moments...
Cannot stay
It's not like winds have fallen...
I cannot say
Without you something's missing...
I cannot say
Oh, the hands of dawn in his heart
And their face is falling down
Down, down, down...
I have wished for so long...
Now I wish for you again
Will I walk the long road?
I cannot say."
- Eddie Vedder

And so, 2010 is going. Every year, we'll always wish the upcoming year will be better. But at times, 'better' doesn't necessarily make us happy. Better in work. Better in health. Better in $$. Better in learning our mistakes. Better in appreciating our family and friends more. To be better in the society. Better as an individual. Better as a person.

So let us be better in within ourselves first and look forward to the year with a 'happy' heart! :)

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