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I’ve been out of sorts since I wrote my last post so pardon me for not updating this blog of mine. It’s been hard these past six weeks or so and I’m not going to lie about it. Devastated. That’s the word. I’ve learnt to accept it (I’m trying my very best! ☺)since and now the sweetest memories keep playing in my head. There’s a lot of things in my head where I’d love to share… for this mind keeps working and working that I’m unable to even sleep properly but I’ll just leave it on my book of thoughts for now. Oh yes, I do have a book just for my thoughts.

I just got to write. Write anything that I see or hear that I can reflect on. That doesn’t mean I write everything I see or hear every day. Oh no. What I do is to self edit myself what I’ve seen or hear and just pick out the small little ‘grey area’, which we normally miss out. Try it. It’s pretty tedious and boring at first but when you can connect it to your life, the satisfaction I can’t even express it through words.

I have this feeling that everyone who reads this blog knows me better than people I've actually met. Good friends of mine know me pretty well because I open up to them and basically do a live-action verbal version of this blog in real time in front of them. But there are lots of people who I talk to for a day at most and then move on, and realize they now hold this impression of me, which may or may not be accurate. As I often tend to do, I could branch off into some bullshit self-questioning "Who am I?" hoopla, but I think I'll save that for later. I may not fully understand my person, but I understand better than some I meet day to day. This is mainly because I cannot really translate my personality to other people beyond simply being. On top of that, why should I?

However, this blog is pure "self". That's what's here: Me. And I'm less inhibited here because this is text, who gives a shit. I've met very few of you people, and those that I have are already friends of mine and I have a comfort level already to express myself. It's not even a comfort issue, per se, because I'm pretty comfortable in front of people, but more so the fact that there are many facets of myself that can get lost in a false first impression. I don't want to give myself away completely, or even at all to most people. Maybe. Maybe I do only tell you what I want you to hear and believe me, the same goes to you.

As for the title, the four ‘words ‘ are all up above. Digress it. ;)

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