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Dawning Exposure

On » July 22, 2010 //
I'm having a little trouble writing right now. I wish I could come up with some interesting excuse as to why. Oh yeah, I’m a little bored and I can’t sleep. Random thoughts about certain topics makes me go on and on writing till I think it’s distracting for people to read it and thus I need to press the delete button. Very distracting. Yep.

Hmm…. Let me think. Still thinking. Ok, got it. Here’s one for the road. The least metaphoric way that I could conjure of at this time of the day.

I’ve been thinking about Plato's forms lately. The idea that every thing that we see in our lives is an imperfect representation of some ideal thing and that somewhere in the universe there exists the perfect thing got me thinking': What would the perfect table be like?

Think about it: Tables serve their purpose well enough in their imperfect phase. You put stuff on it. Sometimes you eat off of it. That's it. The perfect table would likely not have a single scratch or dent or loose leg. It wouldn't get stained if something spilled on it. Most of the tables I’ve seen and used day to day are quite messy because I'm lazy and set shit on it. The perfect table would never be messy. Or would it? The table itself is not involved with the stuff that's on it. In a perfect WORLD, the table would never be messy, however it is simply the table itself that is messy. Would you even notice if it was a perfect table? I don't think about tables as much as this blog might make it seem, so I may be typing on the perfect table right now and not even realize it. This particular table has some scratches and dents and minor little ticks and whatnot, so this couldn't be it, but that's beside the point. If the perfect table were here on Earth somewhere, we probably wouldn't even know it. People ignore tables for the most part. The perfect table wouldn't be particularly impressive. No one would stop and realize "That table is perfect!" and meant it literally perfect!

The human mind could probably not comprehend the perfect table. Perfection is something we cannot understand because everything we come into contact with is imperfect. Plus, who wants the perfect table? Imperfect tables serve their purpose; having a perfect table would just be like having fine china that you never want to use. Or maybe since I can't comprehend the perfect table, if I were to experience it in all its glory, I would be in awe and finally realize what it means to be a table and the table-oriented part of my life would be complete.

In closing, sit with this question: Can you define "table"?

4 Response to "Dawning Exposure"

Siti Arbaiya Says:

nice scribblings.
stumbled upon your blog while bloghopping.
...and somehow you looked familiar...oh well...

one thing's for sure - the music taste is damn awesome! kudos!

Siti Arbaiya Says:

hey, any chance you can share your playlist?? it's really good!

hajar rock Says:

Define table - hmm.... I don't know but i wanna share smtg; If imperfection is what we have as perfect then what is perfect in the imperfection??? In other words, nothing is perfect then why would we want perfections??? hmm...get what i mean? get it? hmm...Been thinking all this while... hmm...

Anonymous Says:

Interesting thoughts. but i do agree with you on one thing. humans don't hv the capacity to define perfection. when they got what they seek out for, they'll always look for more. question is, which is far more crucial? the desire for perfection or the skill to adapt? not exactly familiar with Plato's form tho. but should we always seek for our ideal perfection, we can never feel content. our every second in this world encompasses of change. whether the changes we anticipate or not. to be the masters of our individual journeys, ppl need to accept those cracks as the building moulds of our future. life wouldn't be life if we don't learn from it. tell Plato to leave perfection for the hereafter. :) humans are made to be creatures of adaptation. geniuses we are, if only everyone have more faith in themselves. what matters most is in using our strengths to give back to the world. life's not all about us and what we want. it's about how much we can value add to the life of others. I know I went off tangent with my lil paragraph. but, the emphasis for perfection at present world is so damaging, it's ruining many people's lives.

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