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Raise Your Glass

On » February 04, 2011 //
I suppose I should write something this week. As one of my readers pointed it out, I think many a time before I write. True. In fact, I’d love to write almost daily. I just need to get rid of the biasness of certain topics that I’m clinging on due to the world I’m hearing or mix with. That’s the difficult part. I don’t want to write when I’m angry. Negative energy. Or I assume that a certain topic is that and that. Uh…uh… no thanks.

When one gets angry or annoyed or you know what… one tends to blurt it out all the words or actions of what may have or not caused it… as if the whole world is against him. Sometimes it comes out pretty ok but most of the times, it turns out bad enough to get the avalanche, which will come soon after. And so I skip. I’d drain my mind with work or soccer and laughter. Laughter is one hell of a medicine. I have a bunch of friends who crack me up every time we meet up. “It’s the simple life!” one may assume… but at times, assuming can be negative as well.

I assume it’s ok to assume that something good/positive for a person. I think that’s fine but to assume something bad about someone with baseless words or actions or “ I heard that from someone”… come on. Go on and do something else. Maybe try reading books. Fiction or non-fiction. Biography or autobiography. Or blogs. Whatever. You know when you start to read and you’ll get the kick out of it, you’ll want more. You’ll get connected with the writer somehow. And as the writer for this blog, topics/agendas here are important to me as a writer and of the little world I've created. It's my discovery tool.

“You want your reader to go along the discovery process with you. “

That one compliment, while it felt good, of course, led me to an important truth as a writer. I can always write something negative here. OH.. heck no, I can say it verbally instead of writing but that’s not helping. We humans have many annoying traits, not the least of which is our heartlessness when it comes to someone else's. One thing we loooove to do is to critique others or their work. It gives us a thrill to find mistakes. (See? I'm good enough to at least find them. Of course there's always that niggling thought--See? I made that mistake, too. Fuck.)

But what we aren’t often doing is pointing out the good bits. Finding the good in others’ and ourselves is as important as finding the fuck-ups. So if you are wrong in all the right ways, raise your glass. To all my underdogs, we will never be, never be anything but loud. Yes I quote this from Pink but unlike Pink, raise your glass not for me but for your own good. Let’s do it loud but with integrity. Happy Holidays. ☺

4 Response to "Raise Your Glass"

Anonymous Says:

but sometime when we feel angry and express it in writing, we can let our heart out and feel much better..."S H A R E" gonna make u betta =)

Fadhlur Rahman Says:

Yes, I agree with you that we should express it but I prefer to let it out to my close ones like my family or close friends rather than expose it with the possibility of getting the avalanche from others who may not know you as a person at all. Sharing is good but to whom you are sharing is a whole different thing. :)

Nashe^ Says:

While it's true that the reader may get a kick out of finding a connection with the writer, I think it's equally satisfying (if not more) for the writer if he is the one who feels he can connect with his reader(s). It can be liberating to share with people you don't personally know.

Not that we should divulge too much online..coz that's just ridic.

Fadhlur Rahman Says:

Nashe > Of course and for in this case, me being the writer, feels greatly the connection and different views and perceptions from people and that's satisfying. And from you as well.

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