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F1 2009 - No Doubt about it...They Rock!!!!

On » October 02, 2009 //

F1 Rocks 2009

Last Friday, my friends and I went to the F1 Rocks and watched No Doubt performed and gosh... they still kick ass! The band played their old and new hits and oh yes... we enjoyed ourselves!

Entering the F1 Rocks... Noticed that we were all dry but later after the show....

Opening with 1995's Spiderwebs, the band was tight and amped, decked out in white and hopping and bopping around. Gwen Stefani, in particular, was top notch! I thought after she became a solo starlet and a fashion designer and a celebrity mom, she mellowed down but oh boy, I was wrong! The platinum-topped singer pulled off the princess heels and put on the old tank tops and gave a stellar performance, together with rest of the band.

Gwen: Left us wanting for more...

Fueled by mohawked drummer Adrian Young, and backed by extra horns and keyboards, they spent 70 ska-strong minutes uncorking chart-toppers: Sunday Morning, Hey Baby, Don't Speak and etc. We enjoyed the performance that we continued singing No Doubt hits in the car on the way back home... satisfied of course!

Exiting the F1 Rocks, we were all drenched but happy!

Then on Sunday, I did watch the F1 race. It was an experience as well and I truly enjoyed the weekend and to top it off, I took a pic with Travis' frontman, Fran Healy. One wonders what will happen if I get to take a pic with Gwen Stefani! ;)

2 Response to "F1 2009 - No Doubt about it...They Rock!!!!"

Anonymous Says:

Glad u had fun boo... :o)

Anonymous Says:

did gwen go commando that night? XD

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