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Tuesday Food For Thought

On » October 13, 2009 //

People tend to notice things first and foremost if they correlate to the things they think about, and it is very common for the things people think about to fascinate them. It is also common for people to assume the things that fascinate them are the same things that fascinate others, which in turn leads people to believe that others notice the same things they do. Follow?

See, I'm obsessed with various people's thinking, because in general they're just so... bad at it. It's easy to make mistakes because we tend to form opinions based on reactions, as opposed to, ooh I don't know, thinking first and then forming conclusions later? For example, this is what always gets me. We live in a world where, for example, a malay was heard saying, “Eh dok, lu asal sak?” and some other people heard that and saying how mat/minah he or she is. But this is what we do, we make sweeping generalizings about the things people stand for to make things nice and tidy and hate that thing. The truth of the matter is we all just think differently. Liberals have a different way of thinking than conservatives, and even though conservatives can be annoying at times, they still have some valid things to say. But it's so much more soothing to the ego to think that our intellectual strengths define what intelligence is, while others are just good in certain areas. This is actually quite profound, I guess you could say, because we all think this and it's precisely what keeps us from appreciating others.

It's only natural, though, to want to hear things that fall within the context of our pre-existing base of knowledge. We like to deal with the fringe of what is known and unknown. If I pointed out that the sky is blue, nobody would care, because everyone knows that. If I started reading from Einstein's journal of mathematical equations, nobody would care, because none of it would make sense. The only way for me to get anyone's pulse going, is to speak on the fringe of what is known and unknown, to expand the parameters of what people know. But people think they know alot so its hard to find someone willing to hear it. I think it's a beautiful thing when you find two people who are completely willing to learn from each other. Pretentiousness is a bitch though, ain't it? Once you think you have all the answers you’ll stop looking for them. I guess its only natural that we tend to believe our personal experiences make us wiser, while the experiences of others make them bias. I'll wrap things up though.

It's a naive reality we live in, when three-fourths of our thoughts are wasted on meaningless trivial things, and the other one-fourth wasted on telling ourselves how smart we are - you really wonder if what we tell ourselves is true. If you ask me, we're just good at what we're good at. Smart is too broad of a word. But let us all go ahead and keep thinking we're geniuses. After all, we are the ones who dictate the reality of our own thoughts, and who wants to question the thoughts that make us feel better? ;-)

3 Response to "Tuesday Food For Thought"

Love&Peace Says:

can i continue what i know?..
this is what life is all about..
we have to face it at every time every hour every min and even every sec..
we have to be patient in all the time some times the patient have the limit...btw don't over limit it will hurt and painful..that is very bad..and when we're feel know what is it mean...
if you cannot take it..close ur eyes and look at your heart and say ALLAH all the time insyallah HE will help..i always say this to myself..every times,every hours,every min and even every sec...

infatuatedlittlebeing Says:

I'd say, prejudice is like a second skin to us in the context of the modern world today. It's hard to get rid of it.

And true cuz, especially when people around tend to speak ill of others, they have already expose their own flaws, without realizing.

And yes, there's only a handful of chaps who are willing to learn from others, and allowing others to learn from them, with humility. I think humility is becoming more of an alien these days. Sad sad world.

fifi Says:

hey. keep these entries going. =)

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