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Word For Pout

On » November 11, 2009 //

dis·con·nect: A lack of connection; a disparity.

Ah, it's just a conflict, you say. It's a philosopher's fancy-schmancy term for a conflict.

But a disconnect is more subtle than a conflict. A conflict names itself; puts itself out there for all to see. It's noisy and disruptive. A conflict refuses to be ignored.

A disconnect is the shade, the simulacrum, the soul and fetus of a conflict. It craves anonymity. It's a murky thing: lingering at the heart of what eats on us at night.

2 Response to "Word For Pout"

Suci Says:

This post is scary... It gives me the shivers all the way down my insides. Still feeling it. I dunno y I m very disturbed by this. I sense negativity. Hope u are alright...

Fadhlur Says:

Gosh..really! Then its all good... Im alright. No worries about me. Sometimes we do know these things, especially negative things, but we choose to ignore it...

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