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Crack The Liar's Smile

On » December 12, 2009 //
Have I ever mentioned that I'm quite good at lying? I'm also pretty well accomplished at sniffing out a lie too. Sure, eye twitches and all that shit are helpful. But most people are better liars than that, so I'll give you some helpful hints to help you.

If someone goes on and on, they are trying to cover or embellish previous lies. Embellishment is one of the great mistakes that liars make. If it sounds too good or too bad to be true, then it isn't. Stumbling over descriptors can indicate a lie. If they interrupt you to say something, but then hesitate in the middle of it, they're probably lying by omission after processing what you didn't get to say. If it comes out too fast or too slow, they're probably lying. You know, you have to pay attention to the rhythm of speech. Most people do what I call "shave" lying, which means that they lie by just a hair, which, like that other thing you all like to be shaved, trims down the truth into something more appealing.
I'm also interested in eyes and people looking and watching and staring and gazing. I always have to self edit myself to where people are looking. I usually turn it into descriptors of what they are looking at; that they are looking at them is understood, right? But in rough drafts people are shooting each other meaningful glances, or studying the night sky or focusing on their knees and the like all the time. It's annoying. But then, that's what editing is for, and I guess it's how I see through their eyes. I'm good at that too, which is why I'm good at seeing lies. In addition to being observant, I'm empathetic. I feel your pain, man. Not that I care, but I feel it. And I don't often show that side of me to others. But empathy is why I write about at my posts looking at stuff all the time. You can't buy that shit, it just has to come to you.Free things are the greatest things in life: yeah, love and empathy and all that. Sure, go with it. And then there's the greatest free thing of all: writing, and reading what I've written. That's why I'm lucky, coz I love write and it's all free. Books cost, internet costs, the newspaper costs, reading anything at all costs something; except when I read my own stuff, it's free.

Of course this latest post was disappointing. First of all, you can’t learnt much from this post. Secondly, it's missing that element, that "ah ha" moment. Something is not right. Oh well, it will come. It's not bothering me. Much.

Can you tell I'm lying? :)

3 Response to "Crack The Liar's Smile"

infatuatedlittlebeing Says:

Inconsistencies in words is one major clue. hmm as for me, 5yrs of courtship, I know if my guy is lying. So now, he can't lie to me LOL.
I am a good liar too, but guess its not something to be proud of, yeah? :S

Peace, love, empathy. :)

Anonymous Says:

Compliments on another good post my friend. Embellishment of the truth is a sad fact of life unfortunately. Both for those who cant accept the truth and for those who cant face it and thus the path of least resistance is taken but of course as the saying goes caveat emptor. Its a challenge of course to sieve through the muddle of truth and half-truth but sometimes i guess people just want to hear what they want to hear regardless. So who are we to say that lies are not better then the truth if that makes the world goes round and people happy. If you trust someone, and if that trust is not broken, even though lies are spoken then so be it. Like you said, sometimes you just got to look at the bigger picture and ignore those irritating niggly bits of details. :)

Fadhlur Rahman Says:

Thank you for your comment my friend. Well said!

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