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Shut Your Eyes, There Are No Lies...

On » October 19, 2009 //
Lately, I was thinking about how every person you will ever know will disappoint you. People will make bad decisions. They can be so stupid(that includes me as well). They can get so involved in themselves they don't have anything left over. People will hurt your feelings, not meet your expectations or disappoint you. At times, a person will not be thoughtful. Over and over again, each person we know does something that we won't like. Over and over again, we make bad friends or keep old baggage around. Over and over again, we will continue to make new friends or lovers.

No matter how long they are around, something will happen not to your liking.Yet we will always allow opportunity in our life and we don't want to shut down everything because of past experiences. Sometimes we take a step away from entertaining certain relationships to develop in our life for a while but eventually, time heals wounds and we will be ready to try again. Often times we try again only to come up short again.

Then, I realised… that’s the beauty of life. There can never be perfect. Perfect is mend for fairytales. But individually, it is others that dissapoint you will help us to grow, to learn and to enjoy life to a fuller extent. Pain will surely come again with a different face at some point in life. And it will temporarily make any joy in life less full. But once we move on, the joy rebounds to the fullness it once was and we are glad for it.

This world we are living is not perfect and same goes to people. One of my best friends ever asked me before, “What attracts me to a lady?” I honestly didn’t like to answer questions like that. I probably just reply some cheeky answers.

She ended her message with “How about true beauty?” I didn’t reply.

I,myself, would be hard pressed to name the unique thing about me that makes me beautiful. I think that is part of the deal- someone has to discover it in us. Someday someone will discover that a guy likes to lay outside in the rain fully dressed just to let everything wash away. That will be beautiful. Someday a guy will see a lady dancing when she thinks no one is looking and she will become another dimension of beautiful. I am sure, maybe you, will get caught doing a good deed soon and someone will be completely smitten with you.

The beauty we have isn't what the weighing machine reads, what product label is on the jar or in our clothes, the shoes we wear or the size of our, ahem, adulthood. It is about who we naturally are inside, the way we were made.

When we can be who we were made to be, that is when the true beauty shines through.

1 Response to "Shut Your Eyes, There Are No Lies..."

infatuatedlittlebeing Says:

Don't forget that we too disappoint others, we too take others for granted, we too do not meet others' expectations. But like you said, it's the beauty of life.
It teaches you to be humble. It drills you to reflect. Its trying to tell you that we are not perfect. Perfect is relative, really. But I think the best of perfection is perfection in the eyes of God.
ok talk too much already.

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